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As an experienced chef, Rachel believes that honest, locally-sourced food shouldn’t be messed around with. She favours the no-nonsense approaches of chefs like Jason Atherton, Jo Pratt, Gizzi Erskine, Deliciously Ella, Piere Koffman and Mike Robinson.

Like them, Rachel’s style is individual, always sourcing seasonal produce to create flavoursome food that speaks for itself, whether she’s feeding 4 or 400 guests, the late Duchess of Devonshire, Lulu or the Queen.

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Rachel is passionate about traditional puddings; people come from far and wide to taste her Christmas plum bread-and-butter pudding with English brandy. Rachel is also one of the few chefs that can prepare and cook British game really, really well.

Rachel believes that food is a precious commodity that should be enjoyed and respected. Much of her inspiration comes from her great, great grandma’s cookbook. And when you’re cooking with ingredients that you’ve grown yourself, like her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother before her, there’s nothing quite like it.