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Warm hearted, enthusiastic, exuberant and funny… No-one does food demonstrations quite like Rachel – from small groups of hands-on students to crowds of several hundred at a food fair or country show.

When it comes to demonstrating great cooking, Rachel is in her element. Her sheer enjoyment shines through as she entertains onlookers with her skill and sense of humour. Rachel’s passion for local, seasonal produce means that she often themes food demonstrations to the season – or for a very special occasion when a fantastic recipe is required, like Christmas or a family wedding.

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The great thing about Rachel is that her style appeals to all age groups and abilities. She proves why you don’t have to be a Michelin-starred chef to produce amazing food for your family and friends. And in a day and age of fiddly, fussy menus Rachel’s no-nonsense approach to proper, honest British cooking is just what many people need.